Alternative Energy


The alternative energy field is a continually growing focus of economic development efforts in LaGrange County. LaGrange County in uniquely situated in Northeast Indiana in that we have a constant and steady wind supply, mostly located in the western portion of LaGrange County. According to the US Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory wind maps, measured at 50 meters, the wind supply blows at a constant speed in the neighborhood of 6.5 to 7.0 miles per hour, with a wind capacity factor of 30%. This, coupled with the 345Kv interstate transmission power lines and the 69Kv lines that run throughout the area, make this area very attractive for wind farm development opportunities. In addition, with the recent announcements of Electric Motors Corporation, THINK North America, and Navistar International Corporation all producing electric vehicles in Elkhart County, our neighbor to the west, LaGrange County is well positioned to locate suppliers and manufacturing in support of these and similar ventures. Additionally, with the strong manufacturing presence in LaGrange County, our workforce, and our excellent transportation and logistics infrastructure, LaGrange County is focused on entering into the manufacturing supply chain in wind, and other alternative energy industries. 


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