Building SOLD in Wolcottville


Local Business Leader Plans to Purchase the Former IGA Building
in the Town of Wolcottville

Wolcottville, IN. (August 31, 2015) — The former IGA building in the Town of Wolcottville was recently purchased by a local businessman and developer. He purchased the 21,600-square-foot facility—that has sat vacant for more than two years since the grocery store closed its doors—with the intention of completing major renovations to make the space attractive for new business.

Ryne Krock, President and CEO of the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation, is encouraged by the latest developments at the site. “The current owners, while great individuals, are not local and that always presents a challenge when trying to sell or lease space. With this particular entity stepping forward to make this investment, we are confident the building will be renovated and converted into prime space. The new owner’s past success with attracting businesses to other facilities across the County is certainly encouraging and I am confident the same thing will occur here. This development is a sign of progress for this community—anytime you can redevelop a vacant property, the impact can be felt throughout the area.” he said.

A portion of the building totaling 9,000 square feet is already set to be leased out in the very near future. The new owner, LaGrange County EDC and Town of Wolcottville officials will aggressively market the remaining 12,600 square feet for a second tenant.

Renovations are underway and the new owner expects to have work completed in October 2015. For the Town of Wolcottville, development of this important structure is a sign of progress for the community. “A couple short months back, we formed a small coalition of business and community leaders to discuss the best use for this vacant building. The new owner was brought in, toured the facility and saw what we all saw—a great opportunity. Any business in that location is a win for the Town and County, and we will continue to work to ensure it is filled. “Bringing life back into a structure that sits along our main corridor is critical to the overall success of the Town,” said Dean Domer, Wolcottville’s Town Council President.

Officials do not expect to see the momentum stop with the purchase of this one building, however. “This is just one property. We are obviously pleased to see this property being brought back to life, but this is just the start of what we hope to accomplish in the Town of Wolcottville and other LaGrange County communities in the near future,” said Krock.

Anyone interested in leasing all or part of the remaining 12,600 square feet or other available commercial space should contact the LaGrange County EDC at (260)499-4994.

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