Why LaGrange?

The LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation is the single point of contact for economic development efforts in LaGrange County, Indiana. We work with regional, state and federal partners to support and encourage our clients’ business development endeavors. Our approach centers on four main areas of concentration: business retention and expansion, business attraction, entrepreneurial development and improving overall quality of life. This process guides us on our mission to better the lives of LaGrange County citizens, both individual and corporate, through the responsible growth and enhanced opportunities that economic development brings. 

LaGrange County is located in Northeast Indiana, on the Michigan border and only 30 minutes from the Ohio border and is at the nexus of the major markets of Chicago, Indianapolis and Detroit. The I-80/90 Interstate traverses LaGrange County, and has an exit intersecting with Indiana State Road 9. Two major ports, the Port of Indiana- Burns Harbor and the Port of Toledo Seaport, are within a 2-hour drive on the I-80/90 Interstate Highway. Additionally, the Fort Wayne International Airport and South Bend Regional Airports are less than an hour’s drive-time away. LaGrange County companies enjoy access to over fifty percent of the nation's consumer bases within 600 miles and is within a three day drive of over 2/3 of the country. 

Indiana has consistently been ranked by respected sources such as Forbes and the Tax Foundation as amongst the best states for lowest business costs and is considered the best state for business in the Midwest. Indiana has also received a list of "business friendly" recognition in a variety of respected publications, including:


Indiana is also a right-to-work state, adopting this fair and business friendly policy in February 2012.  We have also taken the steps to reduce the corporate income tax rate in Indiana to 6.5% by 2015.  Indiana is also a leader in offering attractive development incentives to new and existing businesses, and has recently cut and capped business property taxes, eliminated the inventory tax and created new tax credits and exemptions for patents, R&D sales and on information technology equipment. Additionally, the state has maintained its AAA credit rating while implementing a fully-funded transportation infrastructure improvement plan.
LaGrange County also offers a number of local incentives to help you make LaGrange County your home for economic development projects. LaGrange County communities have taken a progressive approach to create TIF (Tax-Increment Financing) districts, allowing designated business areas to prosper, and our low tax rates make doing business in LaGrange County even more attractive. The LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation also serves as an advocate for business development to shepherd you through the various legal and permitting processes, and will help procure local incentives such as tax abatement, bonding, assistance from the LaGrange County Investment Fund, the LaGrange County Revolving Loan Fund, and Local Economic Development for Growing Economy (LEDGE) agreements.  We also recently created our Invest in Our Future Fund, which is another innovative and LaGrange County specific fund designed to help businesses relocate their operations and employees to LaGrange County.  We are confident that the local incentive package, coupled with incentives from our economic development partners will give LaGrange County a competitive advantage over competing communities!  The LaGrange County EDC will also promote new investments inside LaGrange County through press releases and other marketing materials. At the LaGrange County Economic Development Corporation, we work for your business. You can be assured that the LaGrange County EDC is working to ease your transition into LaGrange County while you focus your efforts on your business operations.  We are pointing the way to a brighter future
For more information, please contact the LaGrange County EDC at (260) 499-4994.
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