Ask any resident why they love living in LaGrange County and they will most likely tell you, “It’s the community.” LaGrange is home. It is life, simplified. It is the essence of rural living with its whitewashed homes, beautiful and plentiful gardens, copious farms, and laundry strung on the line to dry in the breeze. LaGrange county offers a higher quality of life with a lower cost of living than both state and national averages with plentiful job opportunities and competitive pay. What’s not to love?


84% of homes in LaGrange County are owned homes.


LaGrange County’s median income is 28.1* over the state average.


Parkview Health, serving LaGrange County, is ranked 15th in the nation.


LaGrange County’s cost of living is over 20% lower than the national average.


Median home cost in LaGrange is $208,600 (vs. $392,000 nationally).


Unemployment is lower than 75% of the state, 2.0% as of December 2022 (Indiana average is 2.4%)

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Within a single day’s drive of 75% of both the US and Canadian populations.


265 certified organic farms, the most in the state of Indiana.

* LaGrange Median Family Income in 2021 was $80,335 – Indiana Average was $62,723

† Parkview Health was named one of the nation’s top 15 health systems in 2017 & 2019 by IBM Watson Health.

LaGrange County Businessman Keith James

Why LaGrange County?

When we relocated to LaGrange County in 2012, the people in this area welcomed us with open arms. As we became involved in the business community we were struck by the kindness, thoughtfulness, and ‘git-r-done’ mentality of the local community. This is a great place to live and work!

-Keith James, co-owner of Indigo Web Services in Howe, Indiana