It’s no secret that La­Grange County is home to some of the finest and most distinguished craftsman in our country, but we’re betting most of our residents have no idea about the varying skillsets of creators in our area or the impact they have on our local econ­omy. When people think about the phrase “Made in La-Grange County” or the economy here, it’s safe to say our collective, immediate thought is the RV industry. We aren’t diminishing the impor­tance of the RV industry to our county and the economy here; how-ev­er, we want to bring light to some of the other lo­cal industries and share an exclusive look into some of the unique and wonderful things that are happening right here in our rural paradise. This is Made in La-Grange, a new feature written by Emilee at LaGrange County Economic De­velopment to showcase the many facets of our complex community and the creators that reside in it.

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Published On: June 1, 2023Categories: Local Business

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